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Jun, 2020

This Week's Backyard Game

This Week’s Backyard Game:
Backyard games are a great way to develop skills in a fun and competitive manner. 

This weeks backyard game is:“Soccer Golf”

Spread out, towels, t-shirts, etc. across a yard or area.

Each object is a challenge. If using a towel or a t-shirt the ball must completely stop on top of it in order to count. 

Players try to pass the ball from a distance and have the ball completely stop on a towel or t-shirt. 

Like in golf, count how many times it takes for the ball to completely stop on an object. 

Try and improve each time out.

Play with a friend or two. As a group, name the target and take turns, just like golf. 

The player that wins names the next target and also what the par would be.