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DeMatha Soccer Academy Scholarship

The DeMatha Soccer Academy understands that soccer, especially at the premier level, can be a very expensive sport. As part of our commitment to the community and to help meet these costs, the DeMatha Soccer Academy (DMSA) awards scholarships to those who demonstrate need. We encourage all families who feel they need assistance to apply. Financial scholarships are awarded on the basis of financial need and availability of DMSA funds. Each year, we hold a fundraiser to be able to fund these scholarships.

Priority will be given to returning DMSA players. DMSA has no obligation to award scholarships to all applicants. Applications which are incomplete may be returned to the applicant asking for additional information.

Online Scholarship Application:


How do I apply?

  • To apply for a scholarship, a completed application must be filled out (link below). It is important to submit all requested documents, and any documents needed to support extenuating circumstances. This information will help the Scholarship Committee determine the amount awarded.

Who Qualifies for Scholarships?

  • Any new or current DMSA member may apply. When reviewing applications, the Scholarship Committee looks at certain income levels to determine awards. Extenuating circumstances are considered. It is important to give as much information as possible to ensure the Committee understands each situation.

What do scholarships cover?

  • Scholarships are given to help cover player fees. Although we do not provide scholarships towards the cost of uniforms, we do consider that cost as an anticipated cost and try to provide higher levels of assistance for fees to help lower the total cost of soccer. Other expenses such as equipment and travel are not included.

If selected, recipients will be notified of their awards ASAP and given a coupon code to apply to their account in the amount of the award.

Additional Questions?

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