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Our Mission Statement:

Our mission is to help our student-athletes reach their full potential in sport and life. With a methodology that addresses tactical, technical, physical and mental aspects of the game. We strive to develop student-athletes who are skilled, confident, and prepared to meet challenges on and off the field.

Our Core Values:


We believe that every player needs to learn how to make and honor a commitment. We will teach our players that a commitment is a promise that they will be there for their teammates and that their teammates will be there for them. We will challenge our players to expect the best from each other, hold each other accountable, and not look the other way when we see a teammate not giving his best.


We believe that no individual is more important than the team. We will teach our players the value of being selfless and putting the team first. Our goal is to help our players understand that that they are not it but apart of it.

Effort and Attitude

We believe that every player should always strive to do the best with the skills that they have. We will teach our players that no matter the situation the two things they can always control are their attitudes and their effort. We will instill in our players a growth mindset that is focused on long-term development and not on short-term results.

Ambition and Passion

We will display the internal drive, resilience, effort, discipline, and grit necessary to achieve our goals. We will push each other and compete at the highest level possible in everything we do. We will always practice and play with enthusiasm, energy, and intention.


We will teach our players the importance of being accepting, considerate, attentive, encouraging and appreciative when interacting with others.


We will develop and maintain trusting and loyal relationships with each other. We will always support each other in a positive and constructive manner and work together to achieve our team goals.

Our Philosophy:

We believe that soccer should be fun, challenging, and provide our student-athletes with opportunities to learn valuable lessons on and off the field. We place an emphasis on the long-term development of our student-athletes and not on the short-term goals of winning a game, tournament, or league.

4-Pillar Approach:

Our 4-Pillar Approach to student-athlete development is at the core of our organization’s programming. We believe that soccer is the ultimate tool to build self-esteem, develop character, and enhance teamwork. We work to inspire our student-athletes to strive for excellence on the field, in the classroom, and in the community. 

  • Athletic Excellence
  • Academic Excellence
  • Character Development
  • Community Service


DeMatha Catholic High School and Elizabeth Seton High School

The DeMatha Soccer Academy (DMSA) is an community based soccer program sponsored by DeMatha Catholic High School in partnership with Elizabeth Seton High School. DeMatha Catholic High School believes that, as part of its educational mission, it wishes to operate a community based youth soccer program. The operation of the DMSA is consistent with the school’s sponsorship of athletics programs, and provides DMSA members the same types of educational benefits that DeMatha Catholic High School affords its students through their athletic programs.

Our Staff:

Our staff are experienced educators. They are focused on developing well rounded student-athletes with the skills needed to succeed on and off the field. Our DMSA coaching staff have taught or are currently teaching in the classroom as well as on the soccer field. All of our staff are former high-school, college, and professional soccer players, licensed through the US Soccer Federation and/or United Soccer Coaches of America (formerly know as NSCAA). 

Use the following link to view staff profiles: Staff